December 2010

2010 Yanks Are Coming US Soccer Awards: Please Vote !!!

In the next couple of days, we will announce the winners of the first annual Yanks Are Coming US Soccer Awards. Obviously the site is an outlet for writers who can’t stop being fans and fans who fancy themselves writers, but most of all it is for readers. As such, the readers get to vote and the winner of the readers’ voting in each category will receive TWO votes to each TYAC writer’s one vote. It’s like an electoral college– but with no hanging chads and where the popular vote wins!! The winner of each award will receive a nice letter indicating they’ve won and Yanks Are Coming t-shirt, and of course our eternal gratitude for making 2010 one of the most memorable years in US Soccer History. Here are the list of awards– and we hope you’ll vote!! And by all means– feel free to vote for members of the US Women’s National Team too. After all, they have a World Cup of their own to win next year.


2. FREE FREDDY DARKO ADU MARINOVICH AWARD (Biggest Bust/Most Disappointing US Soccer Player)

3. BRIAN CHING AWARD (Hardest Working Man ((or woman)) in US Soccer)

4. JON LEVY LIGHTNING CUP AWARD (US Soccer Player Most Likely to Induce Alcohol Driven Rage/Joy/Anger in the Same 90 Minutes)

5. TONY ROMO AWARD (Most Overrated American Soccer Player– this is NOT necessarily the most disappointing– just the most overrated)

6. CLAUDIO REYNA TECHNICAL TROPHY (Most Improved American Soccer Player)


8. PAUL CALIGIURI AWARD (Best Goal Scored By An American Soccer Player, for club or country)

9. THE AMERICAN MARADONA AWARD (Best US Player Under the Age of 23)

10. DEREK ZOOLANDER AWARD (Most Really, Really, Really Good Looking US Soccer Player)

11. THE BRIAN McBRIDE MEMORIAL TROPHY (Most Outstanding American Soccer Player of the Year).

We hope you will vote. Have a great last week of 2010.


The Yanks Are Coming

Neil W. Blackmon