World Cup 2010

A Gap In Class… And the U.S. Seem to have little passion

That was the single worst half of soccer the Yanks have played in this World Cup cycle. Conor Casey was not the answer, but apparently a coach who for whatever reason does not fear his job security does not care. I hope there was a bit of passion in the locker room, and a discussion that the “long ball” prayer strategy is not going to be effective against Selecao. The United States needs players who can take the ball on their feet to the other team. The logical substitutions would have been Torres and Adu, but that didn’t happen.As I write Conor Casey aborts a simple strike that should have made the game 2-1. Defensively, the menacing runs of Maicon were far too much for the seemingly lifeless DeMarcus Beasley. Perhaps Beas is preoccupied with a move to Schalke, or perhaps his confidence is destroyed– but that begs the question– why is he playing in the first place ?

So many questions, and a half with little heart displayed only magnifies them. The noise in the system around Bradley should be louder, and it is hard to actually say that, but at some point– you need results.

Daniel Seco