May 2010

And The Autograph Winner Is…

Before we announce the winner of the contest, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers who participated. There were so many great videos of Clint going bananas which made for a very hilarious evening in the very cold and boring Northern New Jersey. That being said, we’d like to congratulate one of our long-time readers, Dakota Sillyman, for his winning entry. Way to go, Dakota!

On a side note, who is going to Hartford and Philly? I’ll be attending both matches and Neil will be joining me in Philly. Let’s plan on crushing some beers together.

Daniel Seco

  • Melissa

    **raises hand for Philly**

    then again, you knew that.

  • i will see you guys, and deuce, in philly

  • Dakota Sillyman

    Awesome!! So psyched, and to think I wasn’t going to comment because of homeowrk!