World Cup 2010

And While We Wait For Bradley To Set The Roster…

This is where I make the case for not forgetting about Jon Spector. The versatile fullback can play any of the four defender positions and in the defensive midfield. Spec’s been out with a torn labrum in his hip thus far this Premier League/WC qualifying season, but he’s healthy now and in good position to prove himself again, at least as far as his club goes. West Ham have a settled back four, but they just got rid of their wide defensder cover (Julian Faubert on loan to Real Madrid, yeah Real Madrid, and the dude didn’t even start for West Ham) and their backup center half James Tomkins is currently on the shelf. This means Spec should be the first defender off the bench, or can be brought into the midfield to protect a lead. With his old club Man U coming to Upton Park this weekend all he needs is for the Hammers to get ahead and stay ahead against the best club in the world to virtually assure himself his first playing time in a long time.

Jon should be coming into his prime now, and if he can prove that he’s a real Premier League caliber defender (and this is by no means a given), he absolutely must be brought back into the fold at the international level. Go Spector, go Hammers, go Yanks. That is all.

Oh yeah, and Reading have released Bobby Convey so it looks like he will indeed be headed back to the MLS.

Word up.

Daniel Seco

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    And really we need Jon Spector to emerge and be the player Konami sports has determined he is. He played for Man U… sort of. Ham on you Hammers.