World Cup 2010

Guardado: Mexico will win 3-0… – Blackmon

Diminutive Mexican mid Andres Guardado sure is confident heading into tomorrow’s clash between the Yanks and El Tri @ the Azteca. (4 PM, Mundo 2 for an English Broadcast)Insisting that the presence of a U.S. “A Team” will not matter, Guardado, who is battling a bit of a knee injury, said Monday morning– “Of course we will win, 3-0. We have players of high quality and you can see that the team has prepared well, now there is only the question of showing it on the field on Wednesday.”

According to Ives Galercep, Guillermo Ochoa joined the cause as well, claiming Mexican superiority both “soccer-wise and physically.”

At least on our end, Jozy Altidore has tweeted that he’s excited to leave England for Mexico and thinks we are going to win (Vamos a ganar!!). He’s also noted how excited he is to train in the 10,000,000 degree weather. That’s a real tweet, but a joke I think.

Either way, the Mexicans are talking pretty boldly for a couple of guys who look like Madonna backup dancers. Nice perm, Guillermo.

Daniel Seco

  • Jon Levy

    It's not everyday, not even in soccer, that we get to make fun of dudes with perms. Well done NWB.

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