World Cup 2010

August Yankette of the Month: Minka Kelly

August’s Yankette of the Month Minka Kelly is a truly American story. The Friday Night Lights star (If you don’t watch, I’m really, really, really, really sorry for you) describes her childhood as “pretty rough”, which is tough to believe when you are the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, but it’s the story nonetheless. It seems having a difficult relationship with a father extends beyond the Lyla Garrity-Buddy Garrity relationship that is one of the prevalent themes of the best show on network television.

The Los Angeles born Kelly has been linked with Derek Jeter, which leaves her battling with Kate Hudson for starlet priority in that clubhouse– and it also leaves one to wonder how she feels as a self-proclaimed Mets fan about being tied to the Bronx Bombers clubhouse. Having previously dated John Mayer (who hasn’t), I’ll just be the guy who says Jeter is an upgrade. Say what you will about the truth to the link, but there is no question that the presence of Hudson and Kelly as potential love interests have the Yankees playing great ball. And when the Yankees play good ball, angels smile on America.

Nonetheless, let’s hope the talented and classically beautiful Kelly brings the Red, White and Blue luck at the Azteca next week as she keeps up a busy talk show circuit and works on what reportedly will be her final season on Friday Night Lights.

Daniel Seco