February 2010, The Rundown

The Rundown: Best Links Of The Week

While the content here at The Yanks Are Coming is nothing short of top-notch, we want you to know it’s OK to venture elsewhere in the blogosphere. To spare you from reading hours and hours of worthless crap, we present you five of the best stories of the week from other sources. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

The Rundown

5. The Shin Guardian: We’re No Experts: 23 for the Queen

Starting off The Rundown, our pals over at The Shin Guardian project who’s on England’s plane for the trip to South Africa …

4. du Nord: Some News for Mon Feb 15, 2010

We’ve been a long time fan of Bruce’s work, so it’s long overdue that we include the outstanding contributions of du Nord…

3. Goal.com: Americans On The Continent: Valentine’s Gift

What’s going on in Europe with some of the better players on the USMNT? Goal.com has everything you need to know from MB90 to Ricardo Clark…

2. Match Fit USA: Soccer in America as Subculture

A fantastic piece by Jason Davis that also doubles as his 1000th post on Match Fit USA – keep up the great work…

1. ESPNsoccernet: Landon Donovan still likely to return to MLS

Wondering what’s going to happen with Lando after his loan to Everton is up? You can relax all you MLS fanboys, Steve Davis thinks the Galaxy star will return to LA…

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