April 2010

Bob Bradley: I’m Not Resigning

Experience tells us that a number of coaches throw in the towel after their teams fail to obtain a desired objective in major tournaments. It has happened so many times in the US even in recent years.

But the Yanks’ current coach says he is not around for just one World Cup, rather to build a solid football future for the CONCACAF country.

Speaking to TYAC yesterday, Bob Bradley said: “I will not resign as team manager even if the US does not win the World Cup in South Africa.”

A number of football analysts from home and abroad say the coach is to be blamed for any eventual defeat of the Yanks at the World Cup, because he has the most solid team of the tournament to his advantage.

Coach Bradley disagrees with that assertion. He said: “A counter-performance of my team will not necessarily be as a result of technical errors on my side.”
The former Princeton coach is certainly preparing fans for the worst at the international football rendezvous which kicks off in June.

“Nothing attests that I’ll be the cause of a premature elimination of the Yanks in South Africa. At this level of competition, a game is played with certain details and realities. A red card, injury, etc, can affect the final score,” Bradley said.

Bradley’s ambition extends beyond the World Cup, as he wants to continue with the Yanks to Gainesville, Fla. for the first annual TYAC Cup, which sees them tackle Team Tebow, The Gator City All-Stars and Coach Donovan’s Terror Squad in the widely-dubbed ‘Group of Death’.

“I cannot imagine myself ceding my position for a new coach when the TYAC Cup is at hand. My team is qualified for the tournament in Gainesville, why should I abandon them even if we fail in South Africa? I have labored and sacrificed for this team, and so there is no going back,” he affirmed.

The Yanks were welcomed in fanfare yesterday at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport in a visit to the “Brewhouse” in Little Five Points. The visitors will take on host’s Emory Debate Team at Turner Field for a friendly later today.

Next on tap for the Yanks is a friendly against the Czech Republic on May 25 for their second to last friendly in the United States. They conclude with a send-off game in Philadelphia versus Turkey on May 29.

Daniel Seco

  • Neil W. Blackmon