April 2010

Charlie Davies Awareness Day

Our good friend Matthew over at The Shin Guardian has declared today, April 6th, Charlie Davies Awareness Day. With videos, comments of support and the backing of blogs such as The Yanks Are Coming and Soccer By Ives, today is already a huge success, but can be even more so with your backing. Here’s a portion of what Matthew wrote about today:

A few months ago The American Outlaws,  The Shin Guardian, and most importantly, you reached out when Chuck Davies needed some support.

It not only sparked an event at the final qualifier game in RFK against Costa Rica, but it helped bring US fans around the world together.

Let’s do that again for Charlies Davies, let’s push him on as obviously the man has been pushing himself on with one goal since last October: to get back on the field for club and country before humanly possible.

If you support and have Twitter, just click here and to retweet @charliedavies9 the following message: “Make It Happen @CharlieDavies9! CD9 in 2010!  #CharlieDavies”

To read more about what Matthew wrote and to show your support, please click here.

Daniel Seco

  • Tom

    I can’t wait to see Chuck D back on the pitch for the Yanks!