World Cup 2010

Chicago: Information Regarding Supporter Gatherings

Two small things of note this morning:

a) If you are headed to Chicago for the game– there will be a supporter party thrown by The American Outlaws tonight @ the Small Bar on Division street.

Consider this a “shameless plug” for the Outlaws if you haven’t yet heard about them– they are the “other” Sam’s Army, but not in the second-fiddle negative way. Membership is fifteen a year and comes with a free t-shirt, and many of us are outright cotton whores, which is more or less the reason we all did things, such as go on that date function with you-know-who in college… I digress. T-Shirts are good. And you support the US of A. There is also a Fire v. Dynamo game @ Toyota Park and there is a special deal for American Outlaw and Sam’s Army US supporters and members.

b) Day of the game: American Outlaws Party @ Weather Mark Tavern. The address for that joint is 1503 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. The owner of the bar is a member of Sam’s Army and has agreed to open the bar up @ 11 A.M. the day of the game instead of twelve. So get out there and meet some people and cheer on the Yanks. Heaven knows they need your support tomorrow more than ever.

More on the Honduras game later on. Maybe even Jon “The Dude” Levy will drop by. Who knows? Let’s not get crazy….

Daniel Seco