May 2010

Clint Dempsey Autograph Contest

With Clint Dempsey set to make history later this afternoon in the Europa League final, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give away an awesome prize. Since Deuce is known for his ridiculous antics after scoring a goal, we want you to tell us your favorite Dempsey post-goal celebration in the comment section below. Include a link to a YouTube video and you might just score yourself some bonus points. Please submit your entry (only one allowed) before midnight tonight (EST).

So you probably want to know what the prize is right? Simply put, it’s awesome. How does an autographed photo of Clint Dempsey in his U.S. Soccer gear sound? Uh-mazing.

Please make sure to also RT any tweets we put up about the contest. Maybe Erin D. will throw some koozies in as consolation prizes. Best of luck!

Daniel Seco

  • Jon

    Good luck to everybody to enters, and even better luck to our boy in Hamburg, the reason for the season, Clinton “Deuce” Dempsey!

    Hopefully Hughes and Hangeland can hold off Kun and Forlan until the American Super Sub fires the game winner past David De Egea from 30 yards out!

  • Jon

    Everybody WHO enters… apparently I’m too excited to type.

  • I’m feeling an 80th minute winner by Duece!

  • Pure excitement. USA beating Spain. Deuce getting mobbed by the boys knowing they’re going to the final. I think my head almost exploded I was so happy. Deuce, doing his thing!

  • video to previous comment

  • truthS

    Glad this is for greatest celebration and not greatest goal, but at the 2:15 mark, love the stop, drop and roll against the Chicago FIRE, i thought that was brilliant. And love to see goals against the either one of these teams as a DC United fan.

  • Chris

    Dempsey to Wolf, to Twellman, to Dempsey for the one touch shot. The ball never stopped moving and the players never stopped either. The celebration was not the greatest but the combination work from the players made me proud to be a US Soccer supporter and fan that day.

  • Chris
  • Jay

    Well here are two videos, The first is my Fav Celebration seconds 17-21 of video. Any celebration that involves BEER, even if it is fake gets my vote!!

    The second is just a compilation of goals by Deuce.

  • RSF

    Gotta be where he does the young joc “jockin” dance after his goal against Venezuela.

    Pure Deuce style.

  • taylor

    i love his celebration after his World Cup goal just because of the pure passion. his face is red he is screaming so hard and he pounds the shit out of his chest right on the US seal. love it

  • Dempsey’s best celebration?

    MLS action a few years back. Deuce scores for the NE Revolution against DC United at RFK Stadium when there was baseball still being played there. Runs over to where home plate would be, calls his shot, and hits a home run.

    Goal and celebration at 1:45 mark of this video:

    17 seconds in. Classic Deuce! M.J. tribute is super classy, entertaining, but missing something. That was my first thought anyway…. Then I realized his standard pointing to the heavens has way to much meaning to it to be ignored. It is his tribute to his sister who passed away when they were both young. I won’t go into the entire thing. Just watch this All those other celebrations may be entertaining and funny, but this one is something different something personal. It gives an insight into his passion and his attitude on and off the field.

  • Amy

    Free Beer Movement’s celebration was most triumphant. Dakota’s is heavenly. Tough, tough call.

  • Daniel Seco

    Amy S.: Celebrity guest judge? I think yes!

  • Sounds good to me!

  • kyle caron this is definitely my favorite celebration. as he said, its his favorite and most important goal and right after he pumps his chest where the US crest is and points to the heavens to his sister to thank her for helping him score that goal. and after all of that he even finishes his celebration off his usual swagger. i cant help but smile every time i watch that celebration

  • Amy

    Feel like Deuce would probably want Dakota to win for pointing out the sister celebration. Just my opinion though. Glad all these folks pointed out their faves !!

  • my personal favorite has gotta be the Dempsey goal against China..6-2-07
    he’s so chill and like yea..but everyone else gets super excited..

  • As a Revs fan, I could talk about how Deuce made fun of DC United playing in Baseball stadium or doing the “stop, drop, and roll”. Or as a US fan I could just enjoy his little samba after smashing the hell out of his shot vs. Ghana. But honestly the goal that really transformed his career was on Cinco de Mayo three years ago against Liverpool at Craven Cottage.

    Deuce had barely gotten any playing time because of Chris Coleman’s stupidity, but Deuce got a rare chance to shine against the Reds. Suddenly, in one moment, we saw a season of frustration turn into a moment of sheer ecstasy. Of course Deuce had nothing planned; who expects to score against Liverpool? But Dempsey did, and man, he has never looked back since.

  • Kyle
  • Richard

    When he saluted the American Soldiers.