August 2010

Contest Entries: Fulham FC

Today we bring you the latest club in our published group of “Find Dan Seco an EPL Side” contest entries– the entries in support of the Cottagers of Fulham FC. The Northwest London side has earned a great deal of love stateside over the years as the home of many past American players, and of course is currently home to perhaps the United States’ finest field player, Clint Dempsey. Dan is well-acquainted with the Cottagers and it is certainly possible this is the side he will pick. Our two entries today (one eligible to win) come from The Yanks Are Coming’s own staff writer and longtime Fulham supporter Sean McElroy, who does good work on our site from time to time and is currently a student at prestigious Bowdoin College in Maine, and TYAC reader and frequent commenter Brian Ganey, an MBA student at the University of Alabama. We won’t discredit Ganey’s fine effort simply because he’s a part of Tide Nation. After all, TYAC Sr. Writer and our main tactical analyst Raf Crowley’s Dad is a professor on the Capstone, and, as reigning national champions, we Gators are still taking our medicine. See ya’ll this October. On to the Entries!!!



Let this be an open letter as to why you must support Fulham FC, not just for the 2010-11 season as we crack the top ten of the Premiership for the third time in our history.

First, a question.  What do Brian McBride, Eddie Lewis, Clint Dempsey, Kasey Keller, Carlos Bocanegra, Eddie Johnson and Marcus Hahnemann have in common?  They all played football for Fulham FC.

Fulham is the only legitimate club to support if you are an American, simply because Fulham has been, and always will be, a destination for top American players.  They gave American players a chance at the highest level, when nobody else was willing to.

So let go.  Screw the big four, or the bigger clubs.  When Fulham wins something, I promise you, it will mean something to you.  If you support a big four, it’s expected.  Become a fan of a team on the up, and I promise you, the boys in white will play like the boys in the red, white, and blue.  They will fight on to the end.

Also, you don’t look like a total douchebag when you are wearing our jerseys.  White is classy.




And now, the entry from MR. GANEY.

After reading that Mr. Seco is a U. of Maryland alum, one team came to my mind: Fulham. Having experienced both teams in person, I can say without a doubt the similarities are uncanny.


In the DC area, Maryland is an often forgot about football program (an underdog if you will). Hell, Fulham isn’t even the most popular team in its London Borough (see a little club called Chelsea), let alone in the City of London (West Ham, Arsenal, Tottenham) . Additionally, both teams are located in hotbeds of talent for their sports, but never seem to be able to capitalize on it.


Even with a wealth of financial resources  (this is Under Armour U. after all) and facilities, Maryland routinely fails to impress.  Fulham, meanwhile, is bankrolled by a wealthy Arab businessman, yet managed only a 12th place finish in the EPL last year.

Lovable Characters

Ralph Friedgen. How could you not be motivated to run extra at practice when this is the guy blowing the whistle?

Clint Motherfuckin’ Dempsey. While much of the USMNT roster is struggling to ply their trade in 2nd tier leagues, Deuce is burning a General Sherman size swath of land through the EPL. Hell, if Clint Dempsey punched me in the face, I’d have to fight off the urge to thank him.


Craven Cottage, just like Byrd Stadium, is an old facility a front office decided to slap a few coats of paint on instead of spending extraordinary amounts of cash to build a new one. Not coincidentally, both are better for it.

Admit it Mr. Seco, mediocrity is in your blood. That piece of paper the University of Maryland at College Park gave you at graduation says so. You were born to be a Fulham fan.

Thank you.

That’s a pretty damn compelling entry, Mr. Ganey, if we do say so ourselves.

Sean McElroy is a staff writer for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter @fulhamerican.

Sean McElroy

  • I will say one thing for Fulham – they are the only team in the EPL with a dedicated Neutrals section.

    I often wonder if they sing “Come on you Whites AND Reds” or “We’ll support neither evermore”

  • Super Rookie

    This looks well over 300 words and should immediately be thrown out of the competition.

    Up the irons!

  • Amy

    Pretty sure it looks that way b/c it is two entries in one post…but hey– what are ya’ gonna do. Come on you Spurs !

  • Brian

    Good stuff, Sean. You make a great points about the American connections and the lack of douchebaggery at the Cottage.

    Also, Fulham is in West London, not North.

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    Northwest London, but whatever.

  • Super Rookie

    If a writer from YAC wins this contest…well, it will just be like Nintendo Power reviewing Nintendo video games.


  • Jon

    How could anyone write a persuasive entry about Fulham and not mention the fact that they named the sports bar INSIDE their stadium McBride’s after their former captain and American hero Brian McBride?!

    I love you guys, but as a big fan of Brian McBride and of drinking until I can’t feel feelings, I award you no points and may Bake have mercy on your souls.

  • Sean McElroy

    Well, Jon, one must limit themselves to 200 words–a difficult task, I can assure you, when discussing the baller-ness that is Fulham Football Club.

    I shall refer you to my first ever post to this great site, in which the opening line discusses that pub.

  • Sean McElroy