August 2010

Contest Entry: Arsenal FC

Our second entry suggesting Dan Seco pick a “big four” side as his EPL team comes from GOAL.COM and Match Fit USA writer Keith Hickey. We aren’t completely sure where the Gunners fall on Hickey’s sports fan hierarchy, but if his twitter handle @usarsnl is any suggestion– they are probably near the top. When he’s not at the beautiful new PPL Park cheering on the Philadelphia Union, you can find him writing snide and witty pieces on the interwebs. He also enjoys the occasionally John Daly or five. Regardless, he makes very sound arguments about why Dan should support Arsenal, including the compelling claim that if you want to choose a well-run, soccer-smart franchise rooted in talent and player evaluation and tactical genius-the Gunners and their longtime manager Arsene Wenger should probably be a finalist for you as you pick a side. As a baseball fan and Money Ball believer– Dan Seco might find this brand of global football suits him best. Or Keith will just resort to physical violence….

Here is Mr. Hickey’s entry:

Dan. Pick Arsenal. In an age of inflated transfer fees and heavy burdens of wasted debt, Arsenal are quote possibly the most intelligently run major club in Europe. With a huge emphasis placed on youth development and sustainable and responsible business practices, Arsenal are the only title-challengers in England who haven’t sold out for the foreign money. If that wasn’t enough, the football is exquisite. It’s an utter joy to watch Arsenal in full flow.

And if you don’t go with Arsenal, I’m kicking you in the shins next time I see you.

Keith Hickey

Philadelphia Correspondent,
Writer, Match Fit USA

Keith Hickey

  • Daniel Seco

    Good arguments Keith. A John Daly or five ? Nice.