August 2010

Contest Entry: Chelsea FC

The following entry to the “Find Our Editor Dan Seco an EPL Team” Contest comes from Josh McPhail. On originality of the entry alone– I think it is a strong entry. In fact, I’m getting excited about the contest because the entries thus far are very strong. In fact, for the tweeter folks out there- I’d have to say on willingness to write a poem about his favorite football club alone, Josh McPhail of Virginia deserves an instant follow. You can find him @joshMcPhail. I know if I didn’t already follow him, I’d follow him now– that’s for sure.

His poetic argument finds him pointing Dan in the direction of Chelsea FC of London, and it is our first published “Big Four” entry. Sure it can be perceived as weak sauce to choose a Big Four side. Then again, it has its rewards. If you like winning, and most of you do no matter how counter-culture you want to be– there is the security blanket in knowing you’ll win. If you like exciting football, then Chelsea offers that as well. Above all things though, if Dan Seco calls the Die Hard films his favorite movie franchise, then Chelsea, who are owned by the bad guy from Die Hard (little known fact), may be the leader in the clubhouse. Here is Josh’s entry.

You’re looking for a footy team?

There is no other team that will bring you the dream.

We’ve got thrills, excitement, and passion galore

A team that brings so much more

We’re not worried about Ronaldo and all his fashion

We bring it to our fans with all the passion

Some might say were on the bubble

But last year we won the double

Yes we won the league and FA crown

And again this year were not going to be let down

We’ve got great players and talent galore

We’re better than Tottenham, Arsenal and so much more

We hate Man U and all their prima donna’s

Especially their flopping, diving and all their drama

If you want wins and goals galore

We’ll bring you that and so much more

The other team can’t move one yard

Because we have Terry, Drogba and Lampard

There is no other team you need to see

It’s the one and only…CHELSEA!

Neil W. Blackmon

  • Amy

    So, what you are suggesting is that contrary to popular belief– Hans Gruber did not die when John Maclane threw him off the building? Did the Mali ref call back his death, resulting in his purchase of Chelsea ?

  • Stoehrst

    Wait, Alan Rickman has an ownership stake in Chelsea? Professor Snape? I would have pegged him as an Arsenal guy…

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    Yeah — we actually had photos of Snape and Bill Nighy (the crazy guy in Love Actually– yeah, I watched it- more than once) at a Chelsea party after they won the double last year. They were property of Chelsea FC though and I didn’t want to end up in a Siberian death camp for using them…so… Gruber it is.

  • Jon

    Suck it Chelsea. Way to be the only team other that Real Madrid that can make Man U look likeable.

  • Haas

    You guys would pick the picture for Chelsea to be Hans Gruber fucking up John McClane’s world.