December 2009, Yankette of the Month

Dec. Yankette of the Month: Leighton Meester


We actually were going to have the Holiday and We Really Need Good Luck with the 2010 World Cup Draw tomorrow afternoon Yankette of the Month be perhaps the finest America has to offer, but after a consult with another staff member, and more importantly, the better half of another staff member, we’ve decided to save that bit of American pride and go with a Texan. When in doubt, just assume someone from Texas is up for the job. All in all, it is fitting that we choose a Texan this month given that her fellow Texan, Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey, can’t seem to stop finding the back of the net overseas.

If that Texan is good enough to be on the EPL Dream 11 as the season moves toward the halfway mark and the Boxing Day fixtures, 23 year old Dallas Texan Leighton Meester is good enough to carry the World Cup Draw December 2009 Yankette of the Month Banner.


We understand that Meester is the second Gossip Girl selection, (which is quite a remarkable feat in and of itself given that I don’t even watch Gossip Girl), but I like her come-from-nutin’ background (If you don’t know about how she was born to an imprisoned mother, etc—just read the damn Wikipedia page, fo sho..) and truly believe the Yanks could use a bit of her good fortune tomorrow.

leighton-meester sexy

Meester is also appropriate because much like her fellow Texan Duece is much more than a flank midfielder—he’s a striker and an attacking mid too!!—Meester is  more than Blair Waldorf. She’s a real-live recording artist/singer/songwriter!! She’s featured in YAC contributing writer biography tune “Good Girls Gone Bad” by Cobra Starship, which was enough news for me to be sold, but in case you needed more, she has a full album set to drop in early 2010.

Finally, in the spirit of Christmas and the other “Holidays” that aren’t as important as Christmas (Sorry to my editor)—Leighton has a cover of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on A Very Special Christmas Volume 7, and having just picked that chestnut up @ Target, I can only say she does a fine job with the second most sultry Christmas tune ever written. Hopefully her selection as December 2009 Yankette of the Month means Christmas comes early tomorrow, for the World Cup draw.

If she does bring us good luck, I might even start watching Gossip Girl. And we all know that show’s ratings depend on the U.S. male soccer fan demographic.

Daniel Seco