March 2010

Dempsey to World: “I’m Back!”

On a busy sports Wednesday that saw a double OT battle between the Gators and BYU, soccer stole the show as Fulham’s Clint Dempsey scored on an incredible cross-field shot that landed in the top corner of the net against Juventus. Not only did this extend the lead to three goals for the Cottagers, but it also gave them the 5-4 aggregate win over Juve in the Europa League. As Dwight Howard so eloquently states in his Vitamin Water commercial, the goal was, “Filthy, vicious, ridiculous.”

Well played, sir. Well played.

Daniel Seco

  • boy when Trez hit in the 2nd minute I thought it was over, then Bobby manned-up on Cannavaro like he said all week he would. I was just holding my breath til Duece got on the pitch. Unreal. The nerve, the surpeme confidence… yeah he’s back. The best part is that it was right in Zebina’s mug, that guy is a douche of the first order.
    How about Ray’s call. Anyone else recall when Henry “took the earth’s rotation into account”? Ahhh, how I love thee, GolTV.

  • What a finesse touch by Clint! So calm and collected, so perfectly placed! He needed no power or pace on that one, all he needed was the perfect touch of the foot to pick his spot. Great goal, great win, great way to advance in the UEFA cup.