May 2010

Donovan Gears Up For World Cup

Another week, another slew of USMNT-driven content from the ol’ four-letter. After purchasing a snazzy new dress shirt (he traded the Italian one he was wearing to Jozy), Josh Elliott’s back in the studio interviewing Landon Donovan. Interestingly enough, like the announcers in “Winning Eleven,” Elliott has trouble pronouncing Chuck D’s last name as he refers to the beleaguered striker as “Davis” instead of “Davies.” I found myself half-expecting Land-bro to big league Elliott, but the non-captain restrained himself — perhaps due to the fact that the network regaled the squad with a fancy meal the night before, replete with all the fixins. No word on whether it trumped lunch at Jonathan Bornstein’s family’s sandwich shop.

Daniel Seco

  • Bill Watters

    I love the jacket. Any clue what they are going for / if they are available yet? You should give one away!