June 2010

Donovan To World: I Got This

Sometimes in life, all you need is a bro. A Lanbro, that is. One that’s totally getting iced tonight.

Still numb from the awesomeness that is Landon Donovan, I find myself hardly in a state of mind to articulate the innumerable emotions running through my sober veins hours after the US took the group from England’s grasp. Instead of pulling a Ke$ha and putting up some blah blah blah post (Neil or Raf will toss you a gem at some point), let’s just bask in the glory of our countrymen and re-watch the goal that insert-hyperbole-here the world a few more hundred times. Enjoy America, you earned it.

Daniel Seco

  • ZTolson

    Watched this happen in a small-town bar with 3 brits and a fat old redneck. All 6 of us, including the bartender, were going crazy. Great goal, great day.

    Landon Donovan, you’ve just reached John Wayne American Legend status.

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    John Wayne’s last film: True Grit. Fitting.