World Cup 2010

Edson Buddle On JMS Podcast

Our friend, Jared Montz, was kind enough to allow us to put up his podcast on The Yanks Are Coming. A former professional soccer player in the MLS, Jared is doing big things down near New Orleans where he coaches, runs soccer camps, does private training and heads America’s first online soccer academy. I strongly encourage you to check out his site as it’s full of cool stuff for you to peruse — not to mention improve your skills on the pitch.

In his latest podcast, Jared flew out to Los Angeles to chat with Edson Buddle, one of the lucky 30 invited to Princeton for camp as well as one of the hottest players over the first few weeks of the young MLS season. Buddle also talks about his chances of making the final cuts and finding himself with an all expenses paid trip to South Africa. Watch the interview and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

World Cup hopeful Edson Buddle on JMS Podcast from MontzTV on Vimeo

Daniel Seco

  • Brian K.

    Jared is really good and Buddle seems like a guy that would be fun to hang out with. Maybe Junior will have a friend to play with in South Africa!

  • Daniel Seco

    I like Jared’s t-shirt.