August 2010

For one Glorious Season, Dan Should pick Blackpool

The Yanks Are Coming’s Guy Bailey needs no introduction as he’s been doing a fine job for the site for a long while now. Guy, a Middlesbrough fan, beckons back to a time before well-before Barclays painted their name on stadium walls in this contest-related piece. Sometimes you need to sit back and wonder as Heath Ledger did “Why so serious?” Perhaps you need to do so no more than when you pick a new “favorite” EPL team. Here’s Guy Bailey’s brilliant argument as to why Dan should pick Blackpool.

The Premiership needs an antidote to itself. One built on the virtues that make English football the joy it is to watch sometimes – strength, passion, intense partisanship and a crazy manager.

Blackpool have returned to the top level of football and I’ve already written why this is going to be brilliant.

The ground is being rebuilt and will hold just 13,000. It will also be full for every match. Ian Holloway is a law and a dictionary unto himself. With a manic attachment to attacking football, he attacks the English language in much the same way.

It will be an achievement if they beat Derby’s record low total of 11 points. The Tangerines represent something excluded from England’s top table – the Working man – who still flocks to the town’s Golden Mile. Its England’s Atlantic City and as inappropriately named as Greenland. And isn’t Dan originally from New Jersey, now living in New Orleans? Fitting.

For one season only, Blackpool will be every true EPL fans second favorite team, and the favorite EPL team of everyone else. They are the ordinary fans representatives at the top table and we’d all love nothing more than to see the stately Lord Mayor’s banquet of Man Utd & Chelsea turned into a Tangerine-flavored chimps’ tea party…

Guy Bailey is a Senior Writer for The Yanks Are Coming. You can reach him at

Guy Bailey

  • Gator colors as well…

  • Daniel Seco

    More like Bengals colors. I do like ’em a bit. And yes, I’m still alive.