March 2010

Friday Odds & Ends

If there is one thing missing from The Yanks Are Coming, it is probably our lack of a podcast (and a female voice). We’re not ones to make excuses, so all I’ll say is look for one to drop in the coming weeks. Until then, I implore you to check out the good things happening over at World Football Daily.

More than just your run-of-the-mill podcast, WFD would be best described as a soccer video talk show. Featuring two great hosts in Steven Cohen and Kenny Hassan, the show is incredibly professional and entertaining. What first interested me in the show was the quality of the guests WFD is able to schedule on a daily basis. From Kansas City head coach Peter Vermes to Tottenham Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, you really couldn’t ask for better talking heads on the sport of soccer.

Simply put, from what I’ve seen this show is a lot of fun. On Tuesday, our own senior writer Jon Levy will be appearing as a guest on the show. Check out this sample video of WFD to get a feel for what the show is all about.

On a side note, ESPN Soccernet is back at it again…

Published earlier on Friday, Mark Lomas wrote an article that should have been called how to waste the educated soccer fan’s time in 1000 words or less. Please, do tell, why is the fact that Dempsey said not advancing beyond the group stage would be a disappointment worthy of a story? ESPN, you are not The Yanks Are Coming. You have money, resources, access, connections and all those other good words that make journalism a hell of a lot easier.

It’s easy for my sentiments to come across as hate or jealousy, but we rely upon ESPN and other sites of the same ilk for much of our information. Maybe my expectations are too high and I’ve failed to consider that the four letter network is simply catering to the masses who still think Lando is the USMNT captain. Surprisingly, The Shin Guardian’s Matthew thought this was a good dialogue — maybe he’s just better adjusted to Soccernet’s shortcomings than I am…

Have a heck of a weekend and if you’d like to sell me a Ford F-150, hit me up at No, seriously.

Daniel Seco

  • Amy

    Occasionally soccernet does something marvelous– unfortunately this doesn’t happen enough. By the way– was great to meet one of ya’ll in Berkeley this week– Neil was so nice!! Too bad he doesn’t write on this site anymore.

  • Daniel Seco

    Haha, his return will be triumphant!