July 2010

Germany-Spain Key Points

Tonight (or this afternoon, I guess), Germany will beat Spain by a score of two goals to one. That is my prediction, and here is my reasoning (in short form, as I am writing this on my lunch break before an afternoon of working while watching a match on ESPN3).

The reasoning is simple, the Germans are a younger, and stronger, attacking side than the Spanish. Yes, I know that Germany lacks Mueller, which will significantly impact their attacking prowess, but the point is that Germany scored four against England and four against Argentina. I think they can, and will score two against Spain.

In addition, Spain lacks firepower outside of the fantastic David Villa. Unless Torres (who is not starting tonight) improves, or someone else steps up, I just do not see Spain putting in two goals against the strong and organized German defense. Look what happened when they played the Swiss (another strong defensive side). People talk about form, but unless David Villa can have another inspired and, to be honest, legendary performance, I think the Germans will advance. Unless a strange goal happens (which would not surprise me), I do not see the Spanish breaking down the German defense twice, and I think the Germans have enough firepower to outscore the Spanish.

I think this will be a good old-fashioned shootout, and one that the Germans will do just enough to win. This will not be a repeat of the 2008 Euro final, this is a much improved German side and a far weaker Spanish side. The Spanish have a very difficult task ahead of them. Their youth and energy will prove vital, especially if this tight match goes a whole 90 minutes. If they don’t, and it is a tie, well, you know what will happen if this match goes to penalties.

There is an old saying I will leave you with. Football is a sport where 22 men chase a ball around a pitch, and in the end the Germans always win. Germany 2, Spain 1: you heard it here first.

Sean McElroy is a contributing writer for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at sean@yanksarecoming.com.

Sean McElroy

  • Sean McElroy

    Well, I missed that one.

  • Jon

    This was a repeat of the 2008 Euro final.

    One of the big bullying defensive German teams of the past would have had just the right formula to withstand the Spanish pressure and win with a goal or two on counterattack (just ask the Swiss and Americans), but these Germans tried to out-football the Red Fury. I understand you have to play your game rather than abandoning your identity this far into a tourney, but the lively Germans were never going to outplay the Barca/Real All-Stars with ball-at-their-feet brilliance. To beat the greatest Spanish side of all time you’ve got to beat them ugly.

    Good thing the most “boring” Holland team of all time stresses organization above Total Football beauty. The upcoming match should be a great final, it’s gonna have to be to best 2006!