April 2010

Happy Lost Weekend!

We here at The Yanks Are Coming have gone on a bit of a bender for the past week or so. Tons of alcohol, sex (no, seriously!), sports watching and downright debauchery has consumed our lives. Hell, look at the Facebook event details for the party we threw on Friday:

Word has it that when a man dies he evacuates his bowels and bladder, essentially expiring in a puddle of his own refuse.

Come one, come all, and experience the death throes of The AFH with its esteemed residents, as we bring about the demise of the house, shit, piss and all. Figuratively. Probably.

Sorry for partying.

Simply put, things have been ridiculous. Even Puck has been getting tons of numbers and dates with Gainesville’s finest. That being said, we are going to take a holiday today and come back tomorrow stronger than ever.

The plans for the evening? Tons of food, good stories and plans for diets that will ultimately go unfulfilled. And somewhere Guy Bailey is stuffing his face at an Atlanta-based KFC.

— The Yanks Are Coming staff.

Daniel Seco