May 2010

Happy Mother’s Day/Editor’s Notes

When a major holiday strikes, we usually seize the opportunity to take a day off, collect our thoughts and rid ourselves of any nasty hangovers caused by week-long benders. Since I basically coasted for the better part of last week to commemorate my master’s graduation, Mother’s Day will be business as usual. I know, I know, I’m a jackass for not spending the day showing my mom how much she means to me, but in reality I’ll actually be gardening for my grandmother all afternoon.

What a guy!

With that being said, here are few quick housekeeping points to whet your palate:

  • Expect an awesome USMNT roster piece (maybe even a two parter!) from Jon Levy later on in the day. Will Chuck D be making the plane? Dear God, I hope so…
  • We are very close to finishing up our advertising sales on the site for the World Cup. If you or someone you know want to get in on the action, just shoot me an email. We’re not trying to get rich — just help cover the costs of operating the site.
  • Look for The Yanks Are Coming pint glasses to drop some time before the World Cup. We’ll probably give away a few along with our super sweet t-shirts.
  • Special thanks to Amy S. for participating in our “Face In The Crowd” feature. If you or a friend would like to share your USMNT stories with our readers, feel free to drop me a line. Amy, if you are reading this, I still want to marry you.
  • As I write, I’m currently enjoying a frosty adult beverage that continues to stay cold thanks to Erin D’s incredibly sweet beer koozie. She’s a broke teacher (which I will be starting in a few weeks) so help her pay for her trip to South Africa. You can purchase them online here.

You may be wondering, Dan, why the morning-glory-inducing photo above? Well, she may be a soulless adult film star, but her character in that particular film is a horny mom (or so Dru claims). Yes sir, what a hell of a holiday!

Daniel Seco

  • Dru

    She was born to play that role!

  • She seems uninterested in the pie… I wonder what’s on her mind

  • Will

    That’s what I thought at first too, but take another look. Her hand is clearly sliding down from his knee toward what’s probably a coffee table just outside the frame–she’s most likely reaching for some silverware.

    “I’m so hungry,” she’s thinking. “I need something thick and rich to eat.”