November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From The Yanks Are Coming

To all our loyal readers,

We at The Yanks Are Coming would like to wish you, your loved ones, friends and families a very happy and safe Thanksgiving Day and weekend. The holidays are a special time that often put things into perspective that shouldn’t need perspective, such as the value of friendship and family and the need to cherish the day by day happenings of our often busy but wonderful lives. Every year around this time we hope to keep this in mind, but as the months roll by we tend to lose sight, even when we don’t intend to. The good news is that the holidays come back around to remind us once a calender season, and we get to try harder and do better the next time. Here’s hoping you all find the day peaceful and a joyous reminder of what a gift life truly is.

Thank you all for reading our site. We never imagined it would matter to anyone more than a handful of people when we began– it was just the work of a few friends who found a common passion in the US Men’s National Team and wanted an outlet for that passion when things were good or when they were bad. Over the course of the past two years, we’ve made friends outside of that circle thanks to this site, and we’ve seen the friendships within the folks who write for the site expand and blossom. We’ve met new people who we’ve had the privilege of working with or talking to, and made new, lasting relationships along the way that have made us all better writers, better fans, and hopefully, on some level, better people. So we’re thankful for you this Thanksgiving Day.

Stay tuned to the site for a special Thanksgiving Happy Hour from Puck and tomorrow for the conclusion of our Clint Dempsey piece that may or may not help a few of our male readers weather Black Friday with the girlfriends, fiances or wives.

God Bless,

The Yanks Are Coming Staff

Daniel Seco