World Cup 2010

Holland v US: Player Ratings

Trying to defend against the Dutch is like trying to catch a bullet with your teeth. With Penn and Teller not in our Starting XI, the US succumbed 2-1 to the Clockwork Orange in front of 46,630 packed into the Amsterdam ArenA.


Howard: 7. Unlucky to give up goals by PK and deflection. Great positioning, such a good read on the game. Brilliant save late showed his shot-stopping class.

Bornstein (85): 3.5. Silly foul to give up PK. Robben was drooling over this matchup, absolutely scorched JB. Continuation of poor Confederations’ Cup showing vs quality opposition. Unlucky to give up deflection on goal, but lucky not to be called for clear handball in box. Not prepared to cover world class runs, allows players to sneak into dangerous positions.

Bocanegra: 6. Looked a bit frustrated with JB to his left, forcing him to split his attention between his job and JB’s. Dutch forgot to read scouting report: left him free on set piece header in the box for US goal. Needed to direct MF’s in front of him better.

DeMerit (70): 6. Pure grit. Great strength and balance. Great battler. Beaten and banged, came back for more. Won headers, made Dutch work for everything.

Spector: 4. Too suspect with ball at feet, needs to be much better for US outside back as a real threat to move the ball up the line and overlap. Showed flashes but could have done better.  Tough task having to cover the ever threatening Elia.

Donovan (76): 3. First half was utterly worthless. Showed some offensive quality toward the end of his stint once shifted forward. Very weak defensive effort. Matches like this inspire name Landycakes. Not the sort of game we want to see out of our best footballer.

Torres (45): 3.5. Had 2 great shots, too bad first was on Howard. Showed good quickness on ball.  Solid head with ball in traffic. Passing over distance not impressive. Was absolutely lost on D, didn’t know responsibility. Never really got the chance to receive ball facing goal on the move, where he is at his best.

M. Bradley: 6.5. Only MF/FW besides Jozy who looked like he belonged on the pitch with the Oranje.  Great defensive positioning but too often plays channel instead of man (fine in the middle third, but not as the ball looks to penetrate the back line), which allowed for unmarked runs. Good poise on ball. Along with Bocs needed to direct US against the ball keeping D/MF in sync on coverage in defensive third.

Holden (33): 5. Confident both on ball and defending. Hoping injury is not serious: went for x-rays on shin contusion.

Findley (63): 2.5. Poor, poor touches. Weak effort on goal after receiving great ball over top.  Silly undercut foul. Too easily dispossessed, needs to shield better. Findley: where threatening offensive build ups go to die. Need for Speed experiment needs to end.

Altidore: 7.5. This kid is 20? Smart checking runs. Big body keeps possession well. Very solid on ball; good touches and keeps head up. Can work for own shot. Great turn in box. Backheel nutmeg out of corner was big-sexy-time move of the match. Split two defenders and forced great save on shot from distance in stoppage time.


Beasley (34): 6. Great effort on the hustle. Still doesn’t look like Beas of old though. Showed well for himself considering quality of opposition. Great driven ball to assist on goal. Finished match strong.

Edu (46): 5. Took a while to figure out where to be defensively. Left too much space while gauging pace of game, erring on side of caution. Stepped in and helped, closed down gaps well once he got a read. Showed quality touches and coolness as game wore on.

Bedoya (64): 4. Good movement off ball. Earned foul creating dangerous scoring opportunity for US. Don’t know why he backed off Sneijder leaving him unpressured to create second goal.  Gotta win the ball before you can play it; need to see him fight more on D as opposed to marveling over the Dutch’s technical splendor.

Pearce (70): 5. Tough to come into spot surrounded by teammates trying to get a foothold on the match themselves. Managed well and held own.

Johnson (77): 3. Didn’t battle. No vision on the ball. Poor touches. Will he ever have it?

Goodson (86): NR. Had the chance to be the hero but overhead kick missed high. Stepped into D well.

Man of the Match

Josmer Altidore: How he managed to do as much as he did with no support was nothing short of miraculous. Went 90 and looked dangerous every second of it, right up to his laser in stoppage time. Phil Brown, were you watching?

Doug Beard is a staff writer for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at

Doug Beard

  • Gman26

    Was Phil Brown watching? Probably. But Amir Zaki was playing vs England at the same time so who knows?

    Hustle is obviously respected in America but I think Beasley needs to show more than that. He’s not beating people like he used to. Maybe he’ll get his confidence back with Rangers but I’m guessing that Confed Cup Damarcus is who we should get used to. Where is John O’Brien when you need him?

  • i can agree with most of what you said give or take a couple points.

  • Amy

    Nice job ! Maybe had Edu slotted a bit higher and thought Junior was the player of the match for the U.S., but agree with almost all of this. The battle between Edu and Ricardo Clark for the other midfield spot should be tenacious. That’s two straight bad appearances for Donovan counting club– reason for concern ?

  • Tim

    I would give Bedoya a few more points. He was making some dangerous runs down that right side in the closing minutes in only his second appearance for the US, not to mention against such a dangerous side in the Dutch away from home.

  • Puck

    I would also give Bedoya a point bump. If Findley was a 2.5, any forward we have on the bench can play around a 5. He was completely out matched. It was difficult to watch.

    I also agree with Neil that Edu may be slotted a bit high, but otherwise very good.

  • I hating dropping points from Bedoya as he was truly dangerous, but I do hold him responsible for the second goal. The real responsibility should probably fall on the guys behind him directing him to step up or swap out, but when he bailed on Sneijder (straight in front of goal and on the edge of our defensive third) I just about flipped my lid. Also, by the time he got going I felt the Dutch had already phoned this one in; not that I can really fault him for that.
    Likewise, Torres’ lame “challenge” on Sneijder 20 yards out allowed the Dutchman to waltz into the box unmolested where he was, well… molested by JB.
    I read that Neil had slotted Edu higher (above a 5: I could be wrong, wouldn’t be a first!). I thought we were more effective with two defensive minded center mids (which allowed Beas and Bedoya to be more active), but I didn’t credit Edu so much for that as the system. It is the style we’ve been playing; in fact, starting JFT in as an attack minded mid not only doomed Torres, but I thought it took Donovan out of the match as well – as it limited his offensive potential.
    As for Lando, this is no time to go on the schneid! Somebody get JOB on the phone! At the current rate of player attrition, he and coach Sorber are going to have to lace up… whatever keeps Findley off the pitch.

  • Great analysis Doug. And I almost overlooked the fact that Jozy played a hard 90 minutes! Never thought I’d see it! Encouraging