Jacklegs, November 2009

Introducing Jacklegs – Levy


jackleg (jack-legg) [noun] – Slang. a contemptibly naive, fatuous, moronic, or inconsequential person.

Jackleg. The word, the myth, the legend. It’s a useful insult, and one that you won’t hear less than five times in any hour spent hanging around Yanks contributing writer Neil Blackmon.

So we’ve got the definition, but when is it actually appropriate to label someone a jackleg? And why does Wayne Rooney keep coming to mind every time I type the word? Let’s investigate.

Versatile as it is, jackleg is appropriate for almost any situation in which someone deserves to be derided.

Didier Drogba dives for the sixteenth time in one Premier League soccer match. Jackleg. Jay Cutler throws his thirtieth pick of the NFL season… in week ten. Jackleg. University of Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin. Jack. Leg.


But the jackleg insult is by no means restricted to sports. Let’s follow Neil through some random everyday situations!

(On the road)

Neil: This jackleg’s really tryin’ to cut in? Are you serious? Jackleg.

(At the office)

Neil: That guy just took the last cup of coffee? Jackleg!

(In class)

Neil: It’s a Friday, jackleg, stop asking questions so we can get to the bar.

(At the bar)

Neil: Did those guys just say Jeremy Hermida’s gonna be a quality player in Boston?! Jacklegs duder, just a buncha jacklegs.

So with a good understanding of the world of jacklegs well in hand, who will  be the first jackleg? We’re going to keep it in the soccer world, but this is not necessarily one of our beloved Yanks (though from time to time, it very well might be). Retroactive to the start of the blog suffice it to say that one man, one petulant, ill-tempered, nasty little man has garnered the award in our minds.

Wayne Rooney.

Whether he’s stomping on opponents or hurling racial slurs at the last World Cup or literally throwing a temper tantrum on the Premier League pitch as he did last year, Rooney’s jackleg credentials are through the roof. He even took shots at Everton manager David Moyes (by all accounts one of the true good  guys in the sport) in his autobiography. In June Rooney not only paid Moyes about half a million pounds in libel and damages but was forced to apologize in court over false accusations saying his former manager had leaked private conversations to the press.

Forced public apologies, I guess sometimes England does get it right. I could go on all day about this perennial jackleg, but I digress. I will say though, to top it all off he’s also just an out and out ugly dude. Of course far be it from us to engage in “looksism” here at yanksarecoming.com (home of the Yankette of the Month!).


No worries Franck Ribery, you’re safe… for now.

Daniel Seco