May 2010

Introducing ‘Predictable Predictions’

Hello, and welcome to my newness. Editor-in-Chief Dan Seco told me that I was stretching The Yanks Are Coming budget too thin living in Europe and diligently covering the various Yanks Abroad. On my flight back to the US of A, I decided I wanted to provide my reader(s) with a set of predictions so bold that they can only be classified as predictable. These predictions will usually involve the World Cup, but I’m gonna kick it off with the Champions League final.

First up, the odds that Bayern Munich wins 5-0 are 200/1. I’d stay away from that one.  However, the combined prop bet odds of zero goals being scored could win astronomical kinds of cash. If someone is ridiculous at math, I’d love to know what would happen if you put just $2 bucks down on a 7 way parlay covering the following:

1) Prop: 1st goal scorer, Bet: No goal scorer; 13/2

2) Prop: Time of 1st goal, Bet: No goal; +650

3) Prop: 1st team to score, Bet: No goal; +650

4) Prop: Last team to score, Bet: No goal; +650

5) Prop: Correct Score, Bet: Draw 0-0; 15/2

6) Prop: Half time/Full time, Bet: Draw/Draw; 4/1

7) Prop: Half time, Bet: Draw; Even

Your $2 bet would win substantially more on the 4 way prop bet than on The Reds pulling off a 5-0 win. I could be wrong, but I feel much stronger about a defensive game as opposed to Munich slamming 5 goals into the net while maintaining a clean sheet. I just don’t see it going down like that. That will be $30 and 10% of your winnings.

We know that Franck Ribery is going to miss the final after the failed appeal to CAS. Who can you look for to make a difference? I’m going with Diego Milito of Inter; recall I said these predictions were predictable. Milito, aka “The Prince,” finished with 22 goals in 33 Serie A matches, and 4 more through 10 Champions League games. In addition, he scored the lone goal in the 1-0 win over Siena last week, securing the 5th consecutive league title for Inter. Although Diego will most likely be coming off the Argentinian bench this summer, I like his chances of finding the net on Saturday. In fact, I’ll take him to be the first goal scorer (4/1).

Dru Boyer is a contributing writer for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at or on Twitter @druboyer.

Dru Boyer

  • Daniel Seco

    Jimmy The Greek!

  • Way Offside

    good work your newness – you nailed your first predictable prediction. too bad milito single handedly destroyed your 7-way parlay