World Cup 2010

June Yankette of the Month- Megan Fox

What? Did something bad happen last night ? It isn’t like the National Team began the most important month of soccer they have until next year’s World Cup by losing so soundly that a defeat Saturday actually makes qualifying quite difficult and the Costa Rican National Team makes you quiver about playing Brazil in two weeks, is it ?

Good. In the name of a fit Brian Ching, I assure you I almost panicked for a moment there.

In all seriousness, who better to turn to for proof that Americans are still capable of the magnificent than Tennessean Megan Fox, who may actually be attractive enough to convince me to go see a movie about a possessed cheerleader… but that’s neither here nor there.

I will not be depressed.
I will not be depressed.

I am no longer depressed. God Bless America. I love hot pockets and waffles.

Daniel Seco