February 2010

Live From Tampa, FL!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Instead of boring you with a paragraph or two regarding what we’re doing today, I decided to break it up into a series of bullet points. Use the extra time to chug copious amounts of warm beer. Have a hell of a day.

If You’re Going To Be In Tampa

  • We’re drinking manly beers and doing absurd shots like the “LeBomb James” at MacDinton’s Irish Pub from 1 p.m. until 3:30. Come find us and we can do a shot. We’ll decide who’s paying later.
  • After the pub, meet us at our tailgate co-hosted with the American Outlaws supporters group at 3:30/4. We’ll be in Lot 6D. The tailgate is going to be replete with a gin bucket, case upon case of beer, some mediocre grub and snacks.
  • Not sure what’s going on after the match, but you’re more than welcome to come back to the tailgate before we move our evening of debauchery on to a new locale. Simply put, we’re here to party! OK, we stole that line from Puck.
  • If you get lost or simply want to know what we’re up to, feel free to give Dan a ring at 201-952-4588.

If You’re Crazy And Not Going To Be In Tampa

  • Our esteemed senior writer Jon Levy will be covering the match live from the press box (the cookies aren’t bad) via Twitter. Make sure you are following him (@TYAC_Jon) so you can ask him questions and chat during the match. He’s a good dude.
  • Dan will be in the stands with our contributing writer Raf Crowley. Check for game-day photos and Dan’s thoughts on the match at our main Twitter account (@YanksAreComing).
  • Look for a late night Wednesday/early Thursday morning player ratings post from our own Doug Beard.
  • Hope you have a great spot to enjoy a few brews and maybe a whiskey or two while we take down El Salvador.

If you’re not pumped up for the match, well, we suggest you watch this video. It’s freaking awesome. We swear.

Daniel Seco

  • Amanda Miller

    At least you found the right place to pre-game! As a former Tampan (not Tampon!), Macdinton’s was the place to be for every USMNT, EPL and Champions League game. Enjoy, and take a LeBomb James for me!

  • Alex Sutton

    IT’S GAME DAY BABY! Pumped for a victory against El Sav tonight. Bought tix for the US/Turkey game in Philly earlier this week — bring on the WORLD CUP!

  • I’d have to say that the Lebomb James is not absurd, just step opposite where you throw the sugar. I’ll be coaching lacrosse when the game is on so I’ll be keeping tabs with the twitter feed. Thanks!

  • Brian Suggs

    HAHAHA…YES!! For all you soccer fools, get pumped cause its not everyday people are graced with the pleasure of SUGGS!! GAMEDAY!!!

  • Nothing like a last minute winner is there? Wish I could have been there with you guys, but my friends and I played a drinking game where we took a drink whenever JP Dellacamera said either “(insert player’s name) is trying to get a ticket to South Africa)” or “with (insert name) playing like this, he will be included in Bob Bradley’s 23-man roster for the World Cup”. We also drink whenever JP refuses to have an opinion on something (like a blatant missed/blown call by the referee), but that happens far too often.

    Anyway, Ching is the boss. Robbie Rogers didn’t really impress me with his finishing. And “with Sacha playing like this, he will be included in Bob Bradley’s 23-man roster for the World Cup” to quote JP. Not sure if Sacha has done enough yet, but he’ll probably get a ticket to Holland next week.

  • “Not sure if Sacha has done enough yet, but he’ll probably get a ticket to Holland next week.” – ABW quoting JP

    Not sure how you’re playing it with regards to quoting Dellacamera, but I’m pretty sure ABW’s gotta drink!