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Much Overdue TYAC Re-Design Thank You’s: Sam Wiseman and Ash Damodar

Thanks to Ash for bringing TYAC into the 21st Century site design wise.

From The Editors

As our loyal readers know, the most important blog of our time went through some very visible growing pains right around the time the calendar flipped from 2010 to 2011. It’s not always easy transitioning from a grassroots niche website to a global superpower in the blogosphere, or whatever it is that we are now. So, when we were faced with tough times for TYAC, we reached out for help. As it turns out, through the talents and hard work of two men who have never even met, we received well more than we asked for or were expecting. We love our new look, and we hope you do too. So please join the TYAC staff in thanking the dynamic duo of Aswin Damodar and Matt Wiseman.

Web Design

Aswin “Ash” Damodar: Ash is a Master’s student in Computer Science at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He answered the bell in a big way when we were looking to make visual and functional changes to the The Yanks Are Coming. Currently an intramural soccer official at UF, Ash wore the captain’s armband for Amrita University as an undergraduate in India, scoring a ton of goals and generally being more awesome than everyone. Right now he’s in picturesque Moab, Utah on an epic American road trip bound for the West Coast. Send my love to the princesses.

Our Logo Designer Sam Wiseman- whose new logo kept us from angering US Soccer. Again.

Logo Design

Wiseman is an artist, designer, and gallerist, based out of Cincinnati, OH. His artwork derives from countless hours researching theory, philosophy, linguistics, ravioli, muscacholi, tenderoni, and toys. He eats burnt toast for breakfast and enjoys afternoon swims in the Liffey. Let it be known. Contact wumattw@hotmail.com for inquiries.

Once again, thank you Matt and Ash for giving so much of yourselves to The Yanks Are Coming!


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