January 2010

My Big Fat Greek Yanks

The January transfer window for European club teams has already seen two Americans switch clubs, at least for the time being, and surprise surprise… they’re going to the same team. Just when you thought you couldn’t make heads or tails of Greek soccer (because I’m sure you’ve tried), you’ve now got a de facto favorite club! It’s time to paint yourself in black and gold, fashion a toga or loin cloth out of some old bed sheets, and cheer your lungs out for the God of War! Raaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Okay, so I’m not quite this pumped about Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson signing with Aris Thessaloniki, but it certainly is pretty cool that they’re on loan to the same place. Two guys that seem to get lost in the mix with their European club teams may benefit from having a friendly face around, not to mention the fact that they might have some chemistry leftover from USMNT training… though I wouldn’t hold out too much hope on that one; neither player has been a mainstay with the team and I doubt they created a Jozy/Chuck D-type on-field report in the small overlapping time that they’ve both been on the squad.

But this move is about the future of these two still very young attacking players. Yes, success on Aris may lead to a World Cup spot in 2010 for maybe one of these two, but a starting spot isn’t exactly within reach right now, even with the depleted striker stable Bobbo has to work with. If Eddie and Freddy can form a dynamic partnership with this very international Greek club (on which starting berths and playing time are not a given), we may be looking at two very important players to the USMNT well beyond the summer of 2010.

And just to reiterate, it’s ridiculously cool that these two went to a club named after the Greek God of war!


Jon Levy