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Play 2010/11 Premier League Fantasy Challenge

Thanks to our friends from A Football Report and www.football-corner.org, we’re proudly taking part in the 2010-2011 Premier League Fantasy Challenge. Again, the challenge is sponsored by A Football Report, and we along with the good folks at Football Corner wanted to make sure we helped out and made the league as competitive and fun as possible. So, if you’re as excited as I am to see EPL football get going again in late August, and you’d like to try your hand at managing– make sure to follow the instructions below. There is plenty on the line if you do sign up, such as an official Premier League jersey for the winners thanks to the good folks over at SoccerPro and Cult Zeros. That’s a pretty good incentive to skip the league your buddies set up and play for glory PLUS prize. After all, the league you’ve been playing in with your buddies is probably run by some egotistical dude who thinks because he finally wins a Championship he gets to name the league after himself. And that’s about as cool as a Sunday of Sandra Bullock films with the boys.

But more on that later…here’s how to play.

  • First, head on over to the official fantasy premier league website and log in. (You’ll need to register if you haven’t done so before, which takes all of two minutes.)
  • Once you have logged in and set up your team, go on and click the “Leagues” link in the left navigation bar.
  • Click create/join and in the “join a private league” section enter in code 273254-72821 and click submit. You should now be in the AFR Legends league.

And here are the prizes that can be won!!!

  • The Winner chooses from SoccerPro’s selection of official soccer jerseys
  • 2nd place gets a custom Cult Zeros shirt.
  • 3rd place chooses from SoccerPro’s selection of soccer balls of your choice (priced below $25, courtesy of Soccer Pro).
  • 4th5th, and 6th place will receive a $10 Gift Card to spend on soccer gear at SoccerPro

Beyond prizes, this league is going to be extremely interactive, as we’ll supply spontaneous fantasy tips throughout the season, fairly competitive, but also a whole lot of fun. I’ve created my team already, “Fabregas’ Firm”, which you can see below. Think you can do better than the writers you’re playing against or always hoping to one-up? Prove it.

Daniel Seco

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    I plan on winning.

  • Raf

    I disagree. I will win. And once again without using any players from ManU, Chelsea, or Blankchester. I challenge anyone else with rocks to do the same and refuse to use any players from the triumvirate of evil.

  • Wait, Raf, so I expect you’ll have Timmy, Spect, Stu, and Deuce all in your first team right? You know, just to prove a point.

  • Raf Crowley

    Maybe if my rocks were a little bigger Eric. That seems like backing myself almost into an impossible situation, and I still want to win. Seriously…..try making a team that’s competitive without using players from those 3 teams – it’s not easy.

    That said…..if anyone has the stones to do it Eric’s way, and can find a way to make it competitive, I will be much impressed.

  • Spector is fantasy football suicide, but the rest of the guys look good enough. Stu clears out some space for Fabregas.

  • Jon

    Spector won’t lose you many points this year, that’s for sure. West Ham don’t seem to have any designs on selling him (possibly stemming from a lack of suitors) and our boy Jonny looks set to battle with promising Swiss youngster Fabio Dabrella for the chance to backup Herita Illunga… out of position in Spector’s case. Meanwhile the club looks to be rife with French RB’s with Most Improved Player Julien Faubert ready to hold off new signing Clerc (if we get him).

    Slim pickin’s for Spec, then again, if any club could have 3 or 4 defenders get hurt it’s my boys West Ham.