World Cup 2010

Punxsutawney Phil Set For A Move To Ajax?

So two things happened today.

1. Groundhog Day!
2. Closing of the European transfer window.

Groundhog Day is awesome. A whole country paying a very little bit of attention to an archaic tradition that makes an alliteratively named rodent the most famous weatherman in the world for one day. And the cable networks constantly show Groundhog Day, the hilarious Bill Murray movie! Bill kidnaps the Punxsutawney Phil, goes joy riding, and drives the both of them off a cliff at one point! Like I said, Groundhog Day is awesome.

Onto item number two. The closing of the European club football transfer window is sometimes good, and sometimes not so much. It was definitely a mixed bag for American players today.

Sacha Kljestan’s hat trick against Sweden may have actually priced him out of Celtic’s range. ESPN suggests that the asking price was around $3.5 million. Sacha had trained with Celtic in Glasgow the week prior to notching his three goals, and seemed to be well on his way to wearing the green and white. Just speculating here, but couldn’t his performance have prompted Chivas USA or his agent to up the price? Either way it’s a shame, Kljestan is ready for Europe.

Nothing good happening for Americans on the Rangers side of the Old Firm rivalry either. Maurice Edu transferred to Ibrox over the summer and hasn’t really been able to break into the side. Meanwhile, Demarcus Beasley has fallen out of favor at the club and could benefit greatly from a move back to England’s Premier League. The speedy left-winger is too fast and talented to sit on a bench in Scotland for much longer.

But sadly for guys like Beasley and Freddy Adu over in Moncaco (on loan from Benfica) no rescue has come during the transfer window. I wonder if Benfica’s management gets pissed when they see the lack of action Adu’s getting in Monaco. Freddy Adu’s like that Candlebox CD you lent to your buddy sophomore year of high school because he said he was going to burn a copy of it. But everytime you went to his house it was always sitting in the same spot, not copied and collecting dust. A testament to your boy’s inconsiderate idiocy. Well come senior year you realized you hadn’t heard “Simple Lessons” in forever, and that’s a rockin’ song. So you did exactly what Benfica should do.

You/Benfica: Hey dude, remember that Candlebox CD/creative and talented offensive player I lent you a while back?

Your Buddy/AS Monaco: Yeah man, my bad I keep forgetting to copy that/play that player ever.

You/Benfica: It’s cool man, but I gotta get it/him back from you. You mind if I swing by your house/principality on my way home from football practice.

Your Buddy/AS Monaco: No problem, see you then. (click)

You/Benfica: Jerkoff.

And it’s just that easy.

On the brighter side, American forward Jozy Altidore isn’t being mismanaged by Villarreal. Altidore will probably be a big part of the club’s future, but in the meantime they’ve loaned Jozy to Spain’s Segunda Division leaders, Xerez. Altidore was getting into games now and then for Villarreal, but he should quickly become a regular first teamer for Xerez. And who doesn’t want to spend a couple months scoring goals for a team that sounds like a sci-fi villian.

“Galactic Grand Admiral Xerez and his much feared Xerezian Death Fleet advanced upon the farming planet with only the most sinister of intentions.”

As for more American speculation. The oft injured Bobby Convey may be heading from Reading back to the MLS, and it appears Fulham can’t live without Brian McBride. My friend Melanie’s school girl crush may be heading back to London, but only if Fulham tells him how much he means to them, and promises to buy him nice things. Stay tuned for more movement on those two.

Oh and for those of you reading this with bated breath just waiting for me to disclose what the groundhog did today, ole Phil saw his shadow. So we can expect six more weeks of winter, which means it’ll probably stay within the 65-75 degree range here in Florida until mid-March. But Mexico should very much enjoy the extended winter when they travel to Columbus, Ohio next week to take on the Yanks in the first match of hexagonal play. Have fun El Tri, don’t forget your long underwear.

Daniel Seco