February 2010

Quickie Chuck D Update

Word off the news wires reveals Charlie Davies underwent elbow surgery on Tuesday to repair damage he suffered in an October car accident. While the injuries Davies incurred usually take six to 12 months to heal, the USMNT striker is defying all medical odds with his speedy recovery. Davies has indicated his desire to play this summer in South Africa.

Early on Tuesday, Davies tweeted the following message on his Twitter account: “Heading into surgery for my elbow. Really tired since it’s 6am. Can’t wait to be able to bend my arm again! Here we go.”

In the wake of such tragedy, Davies has exhibited a greater sense of maturity that belies his 23 years. If there is but any good to come out of the accident, perhaps Davies will continue to work harder than ever and fulfill his immense potential. Most importantly (but somewhat cliche), Davies brush with death will serve as a sobering reminder of the dangers of getting into a car with a drunk driver.

You can follow Davies’ progress firsthand through his Twitter account: @CharlieDavies9.

Daniel Seco