May 2010

Sugar Looking To “Forlán” Money

While we here at The Yanks Are Coming try to stay away from telling our readers which non-soccer sporting events to watch out for, probably because we can’t have Neil pimping every mid-season Atlanta Braves game, we’re making an exception today. A couple months ago I wrote an award winning 32 Players To Watch piece (What? It took home three Jonny’s at my bi-weekly awards ceremony) comparing Atlético Madrid forward Diego Forlán to boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley. In a convenient turn of life imitating blog, both men are making big time headlines this week. Diego followed his goal against Liverpool in the first leg of the Europa semifinal with an extra time dagger to the hearts of the Reds, single footedly saving Atlético and sinking Liverpool at Anfield. So what of Mosley? He’s only got the biggest fight of his life coming up on Saturday night against debatably the world’s pound-for-pound best, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Will Shane turn back the clock while turning in a virtuoso performance the likes of which his soul brother Diego Forlán can be proud of? Get to a bar, order the pay-per-view, stream it online, do what you’ve gotta do, but watch this fight.

Jon Levy is a senior writer and managing editor for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at or @TYAC_Jon.

Jon Levy

  • Amy

    FAIL. Love Floyd though, so glad he did work. Answers to your questions forthcoming.

  • Jon

    Much appreciated Amy! And yeah, Shane needed to take care of Floyd in the 2nd when he staggered him, everyone knew where that fight was headed by the end of the third.