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US Soccer: Four Pressing Questions

US Soccer: Four Pressing Questions

Tweet Nearly four years ago, when Oguchi Oneywu took what can only be fairly called a “soft penalty” after appearing to win a clean header against Ghana’s Razak Pimpong in the waning moments of extra time of the first half, the United States faced a spot kick that had the most honest of USMNT followers […]

Bob Bradley: I'm Not Resigning

Bob Bradley: I’m Not Resigning

Tweet Experience tells us that a number of coaches throw in the towel after their teams fail to obtain a desired objective in major tournaments. It has happened so many times in the US even in recent years. But the Yanks’ current coach says he is not around for just one World Cup, rather to build […]

State of the Disunion (Part II)

State of the Disunion (Part II)

Tweet Now that the first post established that times are uncertain for the USMNT, it is important to talk any of you off the ledge and assure that this is not quite yet the winter of our discontent. Much like the State of the Union, where the President emphasized that the audacious have reason for […]

Team USA and Zakumi Do Disco

Team USA and Zakumi Do Disco

Tweet Bob makes a good elf… We here at The Yanks Are Coming have been known to enjoy a good time. Well, we may have taken it too far with our latest offering. For your viewing pleasure, we proudly present members of the USMNT (including Coach Bradley) along with Zakumi dancing to disco music. In […]

Neil and Raf's Textual Healing (Part Two)

Neil and Raf’s Textual Healing (Part Two)

Tweet 3:50: Hell freezes over. Raf: CASTILLO!!!!! AND HELL FROZE OVER. MB90 OFF THE PITCH!!!! Neil: Omfg. Good job Bobbo. AKA, the only thing that Bobbo did right all game. Get his boy off the field, and let Castillo on. And, even then, he screwed this up. Bad Benny had reared his ugly head when […]

Neil and Raf's Textual Healing (Part One)

Neil and Raf’s Textual Healing (Part One)

Tweet That game sucked. I’m pissed. I’m not even going to analyze anything. I’m just going to go over my real-time text message conversation that I had with Neil the entire time: 3:00 p.m. ET: I curse out the 4-letter network for not cutting to the US game when I realize 25 minutes have gone […]

The Puck Strikes Back

The Puck Strikes Back

Tweet Ladies and gentlemen, Thierry Henry haters of all ages, please allow me to introduce myself, I am PUCK. I like to consider myself a man of all things sports. Growing up in Western New York, I am a long tortured Buffalo Bills/Sabres (Adios Dicky Boy) fan, and an unapologetic New York Yankees and Blackchester…err […]

What Challenges Remain... - Blackmon

What Challenges Remain… – Blackmon

Tweet This is Part Two of a Three Part Series on The United States Men’s National Team’s run through qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This section addresses particularly what changes need to made to the team to have a successful trip next summer and what challenges and obstacles will and have […]

Hard Part Arrives For Yanks - Blackmon

Hard Part Arrives For Yanks – Blackmon

This is the first of a three blog installment taking a look back at qualifying and as noted in the title, a look ahead to South Africa 2010, over the course of the next week.

We’ve come a long way, both as a blog and more importantly, as a national team since the summer of 2008 […]

Running Diary Part Two - Crowley

Running Diary Part Two – Crowley

Tweet My thoughts on the Honduras match and where we’re headed: 1.)    Jozy is the real-deal.  Jozy played the best game I’ve ever seen him play.  He was clearly inspired by Chuck D’s injuries and was ready to take it out on the Ticos.  He was remarkable, and he’s improved dramatically since he started playing […]

Rollercoaster Week for Yanks - Levy

Rollercoaster Week for Yanks – Levy

Tweet U.S. Soccer just hit a huge high with the boost of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, and promptly followed that with the brutal low of Charlie Davies’ car crash.  A fractured tibia and femur along with a laundry list of other injuries will almost certainly keep Davies from returning for the World Cup, […]

Problems with the Bradley Family – Crowley

Tweet I just watched the USA vs. Mexico monstrosity, and I’m FURIOUS with that game, the general direction of US soccer, and most importantly Bob Bradley’s (who from this point onward will be known as Bobbo) baffling lineup choices. Before I explain any further, let me introduce myself. I am member #3 of the USA […]

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