December 2009, World Cup 2010

The Puck Strikes Back: World Cup Draw


Excellent news soccer fans, the draw for next summer’s World Cup has finally been announced. Here are some of my quick thoughts from the draw.


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The US got one of the best possible draws we could have hoped for.

While watching the draw, I was on pins and needles. The draw plays such a huge role in assessing what type of expectations we should place on the National Team before the flight off to South Africa. As soon as it was announced that the US would be playing in Group C with the English, my heart dropped. In recent years, the English and The US have been victims of the group of death (The English in 1998, and 2002, and the US in 2006). At this point, I was prepared for the worst.

However, everything actually fell into place for the US squad. The US should be able to collect at least four points, and hopefully six, from matches with Slovenia and Algeria. The fact that the US plays England in the first match it actually a huge benefit to the boys in blue. While the English have been playing well recently – 36 goals scored and qualifying with only six against – they have a history of starting the tournament very flat. This could be an excellent opportunity for the US to announce its presence in South Africa. Having experienced EPL players like Dempsey and Jozy on the pitch against the English could elevate their games. As The Yanks Are Coming own Neil W. Blackmon pointed out, “A quick bit of Clint’s magic in the first ten minutes would send the English into self-destruction.” I could not agree more. On a side note, if we can get someone on the squad to crack that jackleg Wayne Rooney in his fat mouth during the match, I would be extremely happy.

Any suggestions?


Basically, if the US fails to advance from this Group C this summer, Bobbo should not even consider flying back with the team. His days will be numbered. Upon returning to the States, he will be publicly tarred and feathered, pelted with rotten fruit, and dragged through the streets naked. Bobbo, you could have not gotten a better draw, and still you showed no emotion in Cape Town. Don’t blow this opportunity by playing three defensive midfielders pal.

2) Possible Round of 16 Matchups

If the US does manage to advance they will most likely be the runner-up in Group C. In this case, they would face the Group D winners, most likely the Germans. This could be a very interesting match-up for the States. Germany has a great deal of talent, and it does not appear that they will be challenged by anyone in their group. The US could have an opportunity for a upset and simultaneously enact some vengeance for the quarterfinal exit in 2002 at the hand of the Deutschland.

3) My group of Death. Group G

Brazil, Portugal, and the Ivory Coast. One of these teams is going home early. I do feel for the Drogba and the boys – two straight World Cup appearances and two straight Groups of Death. While Brazil does show the occasional let down, I am pretty sure the Confederations Cup Champions will make it through the group. No disrespect to North Korea, but each of the other three teams in your group at looking at you for an easy three points. This makes the matchup between Ivory Coast, and Portugal a must see. This match will most likely function as a play in to the round of 16. Drogba and Christiano “The EPL is too hard for me, I am such a baby” Ronaldo

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each have the ability to take over a match. Set your DVRs up for this potential classic.


That all I got for now. Time to pound some PBR. LET’S GO YANKS!!!!