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The Rundown: Best Links Of The Week


While the content here at The Yanks Are Coming is nothing short of top-notch, we want you to know it’s OK to venture elsewhere in the blogosphere. To spare you from reading hours and hours of worthless crap, we present you five of the best stories of the week from other sources. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

The Rundown

5. Soccer 365: Riding The USMNT Coaster

A well-researched piece by Soccer 365 looks at the job Bob Bradley has done as the manager of the USMNT since being hired in 2006…

4. The Wall Street Journal: The Brains Behind U.S. Soccer

Matthew Futterman’s interview with Sunil Gulati, the president of United States Soccer, provides an in-depth portrait of the man at the helms of a burgeoning soccer power…

3. ESPN: Donovan to prosper at Everton?

Superb commentary from Conor Nevins, the young blogger at ESPN offers a discussion on the likelihood of Landon Donovan succeeding with Everton F.C…

2. The Shin Guardian: Sunday Feature: Looking Back at South Africa

In a light, personal account of a trip to South Africa, The Shin Guardian steps away from soccer for a moment to bring the World Cup host country to life…

1. The New York Times: How a ‘Band of No-Hopers’ Forged U.S. Soccer’s Finest Day

Excellent writing by the preeminent newspaper in the world, The New York Times takes readers back over 50 years to when the U.S. defeated England in the 1950 World Cup…

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Daniel Seco

  • Dan,

    Thank you for including us in links of the week.

    Thank you also for alerting me to the NYT article–I had not read it.


    The Shin Guardian