December 2009, World Cup 2010

The Rundown: Best Links Of The Week


While the content here at The Yanks Are Coming is nothing short of top-notch, we want you to know it’s OK to venture elsewhere in the blogosphere. To spare you from reading hours and hours of worthless crap, we present you five of the best stories of the week from other sources. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

The Rundown

5. Liverpool Daily Post: Homework helped Tim Howard save the day

The behind-the-scenes story revealing just how Everton/Yanks’ goalie Tim Howard came up with a crucial penalty save against Tottenham Hotspur…

4. Soccer By Ives: USA to face Honduras in January friendly

Quality writing from one of the best in the business, Ives discusses the upcoming friendlies the Yanks will play in to stay sharp for the World Cup…

3. U.S. Soccer: U.S. To Face England, Slovenia and Algeria in Group C at 2010 FIFA World Cup

A very detailed overview from the official U.S. Soccer site outlining the first round of competitors the Yanks will face in South Africa…

2. The Shin Guardian: WC Draw – Live Blog from Danny Coyles

Written in the vein of a Bill Simmons running diary, Coyles lets readers inside his head as the World Cup Draw unfolds…

1. Free Beer Movement: War of Independence 2010 Art Gallery

Simply put, sheer brilliance by the gentlemen over at Free Beer Movement. Our favorite? “Yankee Doodle Landy and Co. Take Out David Beckham.”

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