March 2010, The Rundown

The Rundown: Best Links Of The Week

While the content here at The Yanks Are Coming is nothing short of top-notch, we want you to know it’s OK to venture elsewhere in the blogosphere. To spare you from reading hours and hours of worthless crap, we present you five of the best stories of the week from other sources. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

The Rundown

5. First Person: My First Cap As A USA Fan

Starting off The Rundown, we offer our very own Keith Hickey’s first column for Certainly not a bad start at all for the 20-year-old Philadelphian …

4. Soccer By Ives: Messi’s magical hat-trick

Making the list for video purposes rather than the article itself, Soccer By Ives serves up the footage from Messi’s masterful performance over Valencia…

3. The Shin Guardian: Report Card: Ten National Team Trades

Easily one of the more creative pieces we’ve come across in a while, Matthew examines hypothetical trades that include one star USMNT player heading across the pond…

2. Match Fit USA: Our MLS Nightmare

Another week, another great article from Jason Davis as he scares MLS fans with his musings on the looming CBA deadline…

1. Pitch Invasion: Fan Ownership: A Practical Future?

Making the jump from never being on the list to the top article of the week, Pitch Invasion’s Gary Andrews offers a compelling look at the prospects of fan ownership…

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Daniel Seco

  • Steven

    I love the article by The Shin Guardian. Good list, Daniel!