March 2010, The Rundown

The Rundown: Best Links Of The Week

While the content here at The Yanks Are Coming is nothing short of top-notch, we want you to know it’s OK to venture elsewhere in the blogosphere. To spare you from reading hours and hours of worthless crap, we present you five of the best stories of the week from other sources. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

The Rundown (Somewhat MLS Edition)

5. WVHooligan: MLS Expansion: Atlanta Back In The Mix

Starting off The Rundown, hopes of the MLS returning to the South may come to fruition based on comments made by MLS commissioner Don Garber earlier Tuesday…

4. Soccer By Ives: MLS announces details of CBA

You know the drill — classic Ives attention to detail combined with great comments makes this MLS CBA article a must read if you aren’t caught up to speed with what went down this past weekend…

3. This Is American Soccer: One Last Chance For MLS

A thought provoking piece that examines the value of turning Pier 40 in Manhattan into a locale for an MLS squad. Seriously, check this article out — the photos are intriguing as well…

2. Match Fit USA: De-constructing Stupidity: In Defense of American Soccer

Sure the column was posted on Match Fit USA, but the credit goes to the man who is actually in the arena. Props to The Free Beer Movement’s Dan Whateveryourlastnameis for demonstrating even the great ones are subject to an occasional misstep (Check yourself, NYT)…

1. The Shin Guardian: 5 Ways ESPN Can Improve Soccer Coverage

Gunnin’ for that numba one spot, Matthew from The Shin Guardian touches greatness with his incredible piece on the demise of the four letter network’s relationship with the sport of soccer…

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Daniel Seco

  • Haha I specifically wanted to see if the Match Fit USA stupidity article was on the list, and it is! That piece of journalism was laced with so much ignorance it was almost comical.