February 2010

The Yanks Are Coming Hat Launch

Love it or hate it, we proudly announce the public launch of the official The Yanks Are Coming hat. Partnered with Zazzle.com, the hat features the logo of your favorite USMNT soccer blog which serves as the rallying cry of the USMNT. Here’s a few facts about the hat:

  • 100% polyester foam front has a wide area to feature the design.
  • 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool.
  • Adjustable from 17″ to 24″
  • Available in 11 color combinations.

To purchase the hat, click here.

We’re selling the hats at cost for just under 15 bucks. If you purchase a hat and send us an e-mail receipt, we’ll reimburse you on the shipping charges, which makes this quite a good deal. Finally, if we see you wearing the hat in Tampa, you’ll be entered into a raffle for an awesome USMNT prize.


The Yanks Are Coming staff

Daniel Seco