April 2010

The Yanks Are Coming Rap Song

Take a seat, Clint Dempsey, because JASMONSTER is about to drop the freshest USMNT rap song this side of Cape Town. A young talented rapper from Indiana, he’s also launching his first mixtape called, “The Chillmatic LP” on May 4th. We’re fortunate enough that he will be recording a World Cup song for us about the USMNT coming very soon.

He writes:

“My name is Jasmon Dixon, born and raised in Henderson, Kentucky. I’m currently working on my album in Evansville Indiana. I’m a beatmaker, dope chill master of rhyme recitation. My songs range from marijuana melodies to songs about pain, poverty and pleasure. I’m a chill ninja, never on no fake hood shit like most rappers who try to come in the rap game blind and only motivated by quantity of currency rather than quality of music. My only goal is to spread positive vibes and rare sounds that you don’t hear often. If you’re a slave to the mainstream, come be freed by my rhymes and chillmatic tendencies. Don’t be oppressed by oppressive music, free your mind, smoke more weed, drink something and let’s just chill and talk about some real shit.

My musical knowledge is pretty diverse, I listen to all music and try to explore world music through music blogs online and youtube. I’m from the projects in Evansville, Indiana but I have a world mentality, never stuck on stupid ignorant shit. Right now, I’m a student at Centre College but i’m taking a break to get this money and record my upcoming mixtape due out May 4th, 2010 called “THE CHILLMATIC LP.”

I’m on a different level but soo soo humble, it would make you sick. hahha…well if being positive, peaceful, chilling, partying, smoking weed, travelling and good music aren’t your things than just check out my music anyways. I think you’ll be able to feel the music.”

Not only is JASMONSTER an incredibly talented musician, he’s also a good dude who I met while rebuilding houses in Gulfport, MS. Simply put, I can’t express how excited we are about the song, which is going to be downright incredible. Until then, we encourage you to check out his site and some of his music including the video below.

Daniel Seco