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The Yanks Are Coming Soccer Show: Episode Ten – The NASL Lawsuit

This week’s soccer show breaks down the NASL antitrust litigation against US Soccer.

We’re back with our soccer show after a summer break.

On this week’s show, Kartik Krishnaiyer, special guest Dr. Nipun Chopra and Neil W. Blackmon break down the North American Soccer League’s recently filed antitrust litigation against the US Soccer Federation, from both a legal and footballing perspective.

In the aftermath of US Soccer’s decision to deny NASL Division II status, the North American Soccer League faces the prospect of going out of business.

Perhaps as a last-ditch effort to save itself, the league filed an antitrust lawsuit against US Soccer over the past week.

Does the NASL have a chance to win? Is this Complaint just the beginning legally? What are the best arguments in the lawsuit? The worst? Where do we go from here? Does US Soccer treat MLS with favoritism, and if yes, do they do it so much that it creates a competitive advantage in the market for soccer in the United States? What is, for that matter, the market for soccer in the United States? Is it exclusive territory over which US Soccer has control? Did years of mismanagement or poor business decisions seal NASL’s fate long before this litigation? What consequences for the USL?

This will be the most comprehensive treatment of the litigation you’ll get on the web, and with special guest Dr. Nipun Chopra on, you’ll hear from one of the foremost voices on lower-division soccer in the United States break the whole litigation down.

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