May 2010

These Numbers Have Faces

As ranking new guy/intern/beer fetcher, I kind of figured I’d be getting handed the writing assignments that managed to drunkenly fall all the way down the ladder at TYAC until they finally got to me. Stuff like “Five Reasons the U.S. May Choke” and “Who’s The Sexiest Keeper in South Africa?” You know, the usual stuff.

That’s why I was pumped when Dan asked me to do a write-up about an organization called These Numbers Have Faces, conveniently dubbed TNHF.

TNHF is an organization based out of Portland, Oregon that is doing what it can to improve South Africa, an area you may have heard about once or twice over the past few months. They’re basically fighting poverty by starting with the youth, which is awesome.

In their own words, TNHF “invests in the future leaders of South Africa by empowering young people to reduce poverty in their own communities. Through college scholarships and a dynamic Community Impact Model based on service, mentoring, and financial literacy, young people are developing the skills to transform South Africa.”

I can’t really say it better than that, so I won’t try. TNHF is doing awesome work and we just wanted to do our part in getting the word out about them.

One of the best ways you can contribute is to enter their Benefit Bracket contest. For a small $10 donation (I’m also guessing they wouldn’t turn down more, if you feel so compelled), you’ll be entered in a special tournament pool on, with the chance to win some AWESOME prizes. Check them out on the website.

We’re calling upon you, faithful readers, to flood the contest with TYAC supporters and hook up TNHF with more money than they know what to do with, because they are doing big things.

Also, I wouldn’t say no to those prizes. That’s a sweet-ass picture.

Jason Krech is an intern for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at

Jason Krech

  • Jason,

    Thanks for giving TNHF a post! We’re excited to continue promoting such an important cause!

    Great post, by the way. You’re right. The photo is pretty badass. Now I just need to somehow convince my boss to give me a copy too =P

    These Numbers Have Faces