Editorial Assistant, USMNT

TYAC Seeking Editorial Assistants To Join Team

TYAC Staff

With a quick break in the action before the Gold Cup commences, TYAC finds itself eager to take on a few editorial assistants to help round out our crack team of writers and editors. Below, we break down what exactly the position entails:

What makes for a successful TYAC editorial assistant?

TYAC is looking for talented writers with a knack for detail and the outside-the-box creativity that’s given our site a unique voice. While we’d love to shoot the shit with Paul Arriola and have him star in our rec league, we have no idea if the dude can actually string a sentence together. More importantly than being a stud on the pitch, we want to hear from anyone hungry to hone their craft and ready to get to work. Looking to gain invaluable experience in the field of sports journalism? This position is for you!

What role does an editorial assistant play at TYAC?

Editorial assistants write for YanksAreComing.com and aid with the production of TYAC Soccer Show podcast. We ask that editorial assistants pitch ideas and write for the website while helping out with various tasks related to producing the podcast. These include research, scheduling, fact-checking, and copy editing, among other activities. If you’re interested in social media or crafting an original project, we’d be happy to put you to work in these areas as well. Nobody will ever ask you to stand in line for charcoal flavored soft serve. Well, maybe Dan Seco.

Sounds good so far. I’ll have my agent start contract negotiations.  

Easy there, Pulisic. We’ll throw a t-shirt or two your way and maybe a hat if we like you, but all positions at TYAC are voluntary. By day, we’re lawyers, newsroom directors, and project managers as this site is a labor of love fueled by a passion for the beautiful game.

We offer the opportunity to build a collection of clips and invaluable exposure to the movers and shakers of the soccer writing arena. When we say TYAC helps open doors, we’ve got the alumni list to prove it. TYAC alums have gone on to write for SB Nation, Goal.com, NBC Sports, American Soccer Now, World Soccer Talk, Howler and ESPN FC. They’ve put pen to paper for various daily newspapers, worked at CAA, and one even attended a top 15 law school, because working in BigLaw is totally better than soccer (Seriously say that out loud a few times and laugh).

Bottom line? If you write for TYAC, produce quality content and are kind to people, you’ll get noticed here. Hell, we might even invite you to the rager Neil will host if Lando decides to pull a Jeter and buy the site one day.

Sweet, where do I sign up?

Send us a quick bio and links to your best work to editorial[at]yanksarecoming[dot]com. We look forward to hearing from you!