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TYAC Soccer Show: Episode 16- An Interview with US Soccer Presidential Candidate Steve Gans

Sunil Gulati is stepping aside. We began a series of conversations with those who may replace him on the podcast when we spoke with Steve Gans.

Neil W. Blackmon and Kartik Krishnaiyer kick off 2018 with a lengthy, informative conversation with US Soccer Presidential candidate Steve Gans. 

Gans, an attorney based in Boston with a practice heavily rooted in sports and soccer law, has been around the domestic game in the United States for nearly forty years. He has been a player, a front office executive and an attorney in the sport, and has also worked extensively with clubs on the European continent, including Fulham and Liverpool. Gans was also at the head of the bid to make Boston a host city for the 1994 World Cup.

The only candidate to openly declare his candidacy prior to the United States failing to qualify for the World Cup, Gans talked to us about a host of issues and challenges that face the US Soccer Federation in the years to come. 

Among the topics: pay-to-play and pay-to-coach reform, the hot button issue of state referee associations, finding joy in development, necessary USWNT reforms and NWSL investment, and more. 

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