Honduras Match, January 2010

USA v. Honduras Player Ratings

Perkins: 5. Unlucky to be beaten three times, all from the spot or closer.  Came out on crosses well.  Confident coming off line to challenge through balls.  Made 1v1 save look easy.  Follows up superb Gold Cup with solid showing, but we could have seen more vocal control of backline.

Wynne: 3. Nothing more than speed.  At sea when forced to defend real skill.  Horrible passing: both up the line out of the back and crossing balls.  Let third goal scorer drift behind him en route to goal.  Predictable on the ball.

Conrad: 1. Was having a good time ball watching and giving the ball back to Honduras when he wasn’t busy picking up foolish yellow cards (although I am still not sure what to make of the second).  A game he would like to forget.  And I’m not sure, but was he wearing the armband?  Yeah?  He was gone before I could double check.

Marshall: 4 (60th min).  Failure to attack cross allowed second goal.  Was covering well most other cases.  Well won offensive header on corner ball.  Did his best to keep the chatter up.

Bornstein: 6. All over the park for the Yanks.  Overlapped well and pressured ball well.  Through balls were hit-or-miss though.  Great work rate and calming presence.  Was reading the game very well.

Sacha: 5 (60th min).  Confident touches.  Calm on the ball without being too lax.  Good work rate found him working much of the pitch at times.

Kyle: 3 (60th min).  Some moments he looked capable of putting it together.  Seemed unsure of role in center: didn’t know when to show for the ball and when to create space.  Too long with the ball at his feet: took way too long to think.

Benny: 3 (76th min).  Tentative passing.  Wasn’t seeing the field well.  Too easily left adrift on defense, almost to the point of being a liability.  Just another part of the ineffectual midfield tonight.

Robbie: 3 (60th min).  Still can’t run at speed with ball, almost robotic presence.  Poor vision on the ball too.  Only wants to run at corner flag.  Second half was better: shot from distance hit post and better work off the ball.

Cunningham: 3 (45th min).  Rendered useless after Conrad’s red.  Good checking runs early; handled tough passes well and maintained possession for US.

Findley: 2. Iffy positioning, unsure of space.  Bad first touch every time.  Could not hold off defender and looked ill at ease on the ball facing a defender.  Never looked like beating anyone off the dribble.  Great acceleration; no real soccer skill tonight.


Goodson: 5 (46th min).  Put the “1” in “3-1” by winning corner ball: much needed skill for US center backs.  Good positioning in the back.

Pearce: 2 (61st min).  Still a mystery why he can’t harness his talent.  Called (correctly) for handball on a trap?  Shouldn’t happen; give us a break.  Otherwise unnoticed.

Casey: 3 (61st min).  Good effort pressuring ball.  Looked to attack goal but was never really threatening with Los Catrachos sitting back.  Had a real chance at finding net from close range but shot wide, never forcing a save.

Bedoya: 4 (61st min).  Looked confident but out of sync.  Lacked real sharpness.  I expect better, but not in time for summer.

Davis: 3 (61st min). Another player out of rhythm.  Good shot from direct kick and good work off the ball.  Still no threat with ball at his feet.

McCarty: NR (77th min). Showed poise on the ball and tracked back well.

Nick Rimando was the only sub not used.

Doug Beard