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Be A Patriot. Write for The Yanks Are Coming.

In response to various direct messages, e-mails to the editors and twitter concerns- we are posting this here. The Yanks Are Coming is seeking two-three new writers for the site. If you are interested, please note the following areas we’re looking for content in and e-mail either Editor-In-Chief Neil W. Blackmon at or Associate Editor Jon Levy at Here’s what we’re hoping for as we dive head in to the Klinsmann era of US Soccer:

a) one additional MLS writer. We would like two pieces a month at a minimum- content can be of your choosing. There will also be potential to write more on content of your choosing once that requirement is met….

b) one non-EPL European writer– La Liga is increasingly a popular alternative for the global fan to the English Premier League. Sure, young stars like Juan Mata and Sergio Aguero are leaving for England– but at least Cesc came home, right? Well- if that’s a passion- we’d love to have your writing two times a month.

c) One writer fascinated with the human interest/Soccer in America side of the game. One story a month, a bit longer in nature, will do the trick. Think This is American Soccer (twitter @TIAS) and go from there.


a) We don’t write for money. We’ve made a bit in advertising but it all goes back into the site for the time being.

b) We do offer a bit of notoriety. In three years, we’ve gone from a blogspot type site to a larger, brand name in American soccer. We’re extremely proud of that and although we’ve taken a well-earned vacation after a long summer, we will continue to be proud of that. We’re also unique in that we’re centrally focused on the US Men’s National Team above all. We’re confident there really isn’t a more USMNT or USWNT focused site in the blogosphere. Most our friends (not rivals) who run other sites agree. In other words– if you write for us, you’ll get more folks to read you and you’ll probably grow as a writer, if that’s your thing.

Finally, please note that ABOVE ALL, anytime you as a new writer want to write about the USMNT or the USWNT, we will not stop you or object to that. That’s been this blog’s purpose since Mikey Orozco was sans the “Fiscal” and getting red cards at the Olympic Games. It will always be the case. 

We truly hope some of you are interested, and thank you for reading…..

The Editors

Daniel Seco